Veterans and Seniors Forum News Release

Keith Pekau to Hold Veterans/Senior Citizen Forums

Orland Park, IL –Keith Pekau, candidate for mayor of Orland Park today announced he is hosting two community forums to discuss important issues with Veterans and Senior Citizens. The Veterans forum takes place on March 12th from 3-5pm, and the Senior Citizens forum takes place March 19th, also from 3-5pm. Both are scheduled for Riviera Country Club, 8801 West 143rd, Orland Park. Refreshments will be served.

“It is important for me to hear first hand from two of our most treasured groups, veterans and seniors,” Pekau Stated. “I want to know the issues that concern them so I can respond with creative solutions, something I’m not sure our current Mayor has delivered. I’m a veteran so I understand a lot of the issues my brothers in arms are dealing with, but I’m not quite a senior yet so I need to hear from them for sure,” he added.

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